Can There Really Be More Tips & Tricks?

Yep.  There can, and there are.  By now, you’re aware of our Back to School promotion with our friends at PhotoPeach.  If you missed some of the tips and tricks already shared, here’s where you can find them.

We’ve been sharing 5 new tips with each blog post, but today, you’re getting a bonus tip.  Here are 6  tips for that exciting first day of school.

  • From Jason Huber – I love to start the year with a story. This is a short story of triumph and perseverance. Main themes come from that story that the kids remember for the year.
  • From Esther Sherizen – I found a “getting to know you” game.  I put some Skittles and M&M’s in a two different containers.  I go around the room and have each student pick a Skittle or M&M.  Each color has a different “getting to know you” question.  An example of a good question, “what is your favorite book?”
  • From Lisa Mims – I like to give my students a chance to learn about me. Last year, I created a “Getting to Know Mrs.Mims” Photopeach “quiz”. The kids had a great time, and learned a lot about me in the process. This year, I am going to let the students create one as well. Here is the link to the quiz.
  • From Allison Long – I suggest a quick unedited movie that students make about themselves.  Give them some questions and guidelines and let them tell you about their summer and their lives.  They can set up a blog that day to post the video on and use the rest of the school year.
  • From Cindy Glenn – I give my students a true/false quiz about me during the first hour of class. You should see how shocked they are when I tell them I’m giving them a quiz. Of course it isn’t for a grade, but we go over it together and they learn so much about me. It’s s great way to ease the tension and introduce myself to the class.
  • From Jessi Anderson – This year we made “Fifth Grade Bucket Lists” and hung them in the hallway.  It was a great goal setting activity and it motivated me to make sure I try new things this year too.

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