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More and more tips are being shared by DEN Members and we couldn’t be happier.  If you haven’t heard, we’ve extended our promotion through September!  We still have premium subscriptions to PhotoPeach for DEN members who submit a tip!  This is a great chance for you to share your knowledge with the world!

Here are 5 more tips that have been shared – these are related to settling in during the first few weeks of school.

  • From Martha Rougeux – This year I had the students create About Me Paper Slide videos to introduce themselves to the class.  It gives me a good sense of who they are, and I learn a lot about their writing and communication skills.  I show them a sample video about me that introduces them to the format and gives them an idea of what I expect.  Here’s my video.
  • From Chantel Cravens – I like to use weebly and create a simple weekly newsletter that goes home.  I like to call parents with one compliment or accomplishment about their child. Within the first two weeks, I like to call every parent. So, that makes 4 kids a day- a do-able feat.
  • From Bobbi Gurney – I give students a ziplock bag with a letter for them to bring pictures, stickers, & sayings that would best describe them. They use these the first week as the cover for their journal. We do many team building activities and get pictures up to make the room ours.
  • From Barbara De Santis – I always work on process in the first two weeks- I have found that if my students clearly understand and can demonstrate our classroom routines, the entire year is off to a great start.  I take the time to teach (and have the students practice) various types of assignments, lab setups, and projects.
  • From Ethel Jenkins – I model procedures and routines each day during the first week or so. I send information home to parents and also send a global message. We also have a back to school night before the first day to introduce ourselves to the parents and students.

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  1. Lorena said:

    I like to have students create an acrostic poem with their first name so they can get to know each other. The great thing is this can be done in ditial format using either PowerPoint, PhotoStory or PhotoPeach. One slide per letter.

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