Back-to-School with Matt’s Tips and Tricks

Today marks the first day of school for most schools around the country and thus, so begins another year of Matt’s tips and tricks.

This week we’ll explore all of the new enhancements to the Discovery Education back-to-school release. I’ve made quick little screen captures that show off most of the new features and functionality and included links to them in this edition. I’ve also included a quick link to the back-to-school webinar series that we are delivering through the end of September. You definitely want to make sure that your staff attends at least one session – they are, in a word, awesome.

This edition also includes a quick five question poll “The Monjan Index” that asks for your feedback to our new site. It would be great to get you and your educators’ feedback.

Finally, I wanted to highlight the fact that we are giving ALL DEN Stars access to the Discovery Education Techbook for FREE for the entire 2012-2013 school year. Yep. We’ve partnered with 3M to help pay for any DEN’s Star’s subscription – so why not take advantage of that? All you have to do to gain access to Techbook (K-12) is become a DEN Star and then it is yours for the entire school year. Way cool. We’re also including lots of  Techbook How-To webinars to help our DEN Stars with their new memberships. Be sure to check out the last page of Matt’s Tips and Tricks to find links to them. I’d really love to grow the DEN Star membership within your schools and this one great way to start. Become a STAR Discovery Educator today!

Without any further ado – here’s a link to Matt’s Tips and Tricks Back-to-School release –


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