High-tech way to communicate with students

Influential leaders are effective communicators!  Knowing your audience is a basic pillar for successful communicators. When a superintendent wants to connect directly with students – it may be time to be creative.

Anthony Habra is a superintendent of Rudyard Area Schools in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Rudyard is a district of 900 students.  Tony wanted to make a difference.  He wants students, parents or community members to be able to have a way to text an anonymous message to him that then the school can look into and follow up on.  He believes that by opening lines of communications the community may be able to reduce bullying, violence or other suspicious activities.

Tony decided to use technology to get his message out.  He chose to make a short video to announce and explain his plan.

He used Xtranormal at http://www.xtranormal.com to create the video. Anyone can make videos on Xtranormal.   It takes a little time, and even if you have very little expertise or prior knowledge with the web you will likely to be able to create an xtranormal video yourself.

If you wanted to explore making videos and you wanted to use Xtranormal you would go to the web site, explore it a bit, choose to sign up (and choose which package to sign-up for – I choose the free one), experiment by making a video and if you want to – publish it.  Depending on the options you choose to put in your video – you can publish one for free.   Tony’s cost about $2.00 to create, because he choose some extras.   You purchase points to publish when there is an extra fee and $10.00 is the lowest quantity of points you can buy and you likely won’t spend that much on one video.

Xtranormal allows you to choose your character(s) setting, voice, and totally control the content.

Watch Tony’s video: 


Other options for producing your own video:

Effective communication may include new ways of getting your message out!


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