Back to School Webinar Series Continues This Week!

As Mousey mentioned yesterday, Discovery Education is continuing to offer special weekly webinars designed to help teachers and students transition into the brand new school year with our various services. The focus this week will be on the administrative and user management functions for the site. Administrators will learn how to navigate My Admin, update user accounts, run reports, and easily bulk upload accounts to provide student access across the school or district. In no time your students will be exploring videos, songs, images, completing assignments, and more during or outside of the school day. This session is intended for those who are Discovery Education administrators or those who have interest in managing users, customizing access, tracking usage, and getting student usernames up-and-running with Discovery Education by becoming an administrator.

Entitled Tools for Discovery Education Administrators, this webinar will be presented first on Wednesday, August 29 at 7 PM EST by Joe Diaz and then again on Thursday, August 30 at 4 PM EST by Max Brooks. We hope to see you there!

You can also view the full schedule of our back to school webinar series here.


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