Connected Educator Month Isn’t Over Yet!

As you know, August is Connected Educator Month.  The DEN has participated in several ways, including our Collective Brain Webinars.  If you missed one of the sessions, you can find archives here, here, and here.  Stay tuned for information about our DEN Open House – details will be shared later this week.

In the meantime, check out these activities taking place the last couple of days of CEM.

3-4:30 PM Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: Incenting & Recognizing Teachers for Their Investments In Learning 
Beyond badges lies the broader question and CEM theme of how we should be incenting and recognizing educators for what we do to invest in developing our practice and our craft.  Drawing on discussions in the new (and ongoing) Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due forum on, as well as on other relevant CEM events, activities, and resources, with the help of thought leaders in the field like Claudia Lamoreaux, Pam Moran, Lisa Schmucki, and more, we will collectively generate takeaways and action items on the subject for the Department of Education and the field.

7-8:30 PM Connected Education: Students Speak!  
For most, if not all educators, the ultimate incentive to develop our practices is student learning and achievement: we’re willing to do anything for our students if it helps them learn. A special panel of students will share what connected learning has meant to them and, especially, what it’s meant to have a connected educator (or two) in their lives.  They’ll also share their own tips for educators and ideas for a more connected educational world.

Cable In The Classroom: A Behind The Screen Look At Educational Games, LIVE 3 PM ET 
This webinar will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Coaster Crafter, which teaches STEM concepts by tasking the user to create a roller coaster.  You’ll learn how educational games capture and retain attention, how educational concepts are woven in, how entertainment and education are balanced, how activities are structured to ensure learning and more. The presenters will also share the latest research on games and learning as well as tips on features to look for in effective educational games and how to best use them in the classroom.

Brainpop: Global Education, LIVE 4 PM ET
Brainpop welcomes Apple Distinguished Educator Lucy Gray for a webinar full of new ideas about technology-based methods for connecting teachers and students globally. Lucy is the founder of the Global Education Collaborative, a social network for educators, and most recently served as co-chair for the Global Education Conference, an innovative online conference with 400+ sessions attended by over 15,000 participants.


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