Tips to Help You Get Ready for the School Year

Our Back to School promotion with our friends at PhotoPeach is still going strong.  In fact, due to the overwhelming response, we’ve decided to extend the promotion through September.  If you’d like to submit your own tips, please do so here.

We’ve been sharing many of the submitted tips throughout August, but now it’s time to start sharing everything that’s come in so far.  If you remember, our tips fall into one of three categories: 1) Getting Ready for the School Year  2) The First Day  3) Settling In.  Our first complete list of tips shared this time come from the Getting Ready for the School Year category.  Take a look at this loooonnngg list of entries and see what you discovery.  We’re thinking there will be tips you never thought of and ideas you can use right away.  In the coming days, we’ll be sharing the list of tips from the other categories as well.

Here’s the complete list, as of August 30th, of “Getting Ready for the School Year” tips.




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