Cache and Cookie’s Animal Alphabet Series: DEF

A continuation of Cache and Cookie’s Animal Alphabet Series!


Kindergarten through second grade teachers may engage their students through DE streaming’s 25 minute full video titled “Animal Alphabet.” This video cleverly uses the animal kingdom to teach students their alphabet. You can also use this video’s segments to engage students–one letter at a time.






















D-E-F Lesson Plan

1. Play segments D-F from the video Animal Alphabet on DE streaming.

2. Have students practice writing the letters D-F.

3. Handout an image of the dolphin for students to color in and decorate. This image can be found in DE streaming under “dolphin” and media type “clip art” (without the “Discovery Education Clipart” caption plastered across it). Students can use crayons, markers, glitter, sequins, etc. Encourage them to be creative by making your own as an example!





















4. Split the board into three sections. Have students raise their hands to brainstorm, as a class, as many words as they can think of beginning with D-E-F.

5. If the students produce a good list, reward them! Doughnuts? Eggrolls? Fruit?


So fruit would probably be the best choice to emphasize, in a healthy way, the letter F they just learned about!


Check back next week on Friday for a continuation of the series. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Professor Mousey will be at the beach, so Mousey Mondays will return on September 10, 2012!


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