Easily Assign our Interactive Text

If you’re just now settling into the new school year and logging into Discovery Education for the first time since the end of last school year, you may have noticed a few changes, especially in the Discovery Education Science Techbook.  One of the many great benefits of a digital textbook, is that it’s constantly being updated.  Last week we made an update that allows you to easily assign the Core Interactive Text (CIT) to students/classes, add to your My Content, add to a Quicklist or incorporate them into one of the Builder Tools.  Watch the quick tutorial below to see this latest update.



  1. Susan Vinson said:

    This year has JUST settled down, and I finally found time to activate the Science Techbook….but it won’t allow me to create a new username/password because I’m using the same email address. It’s just too smart! Anyone know a solution? (Other than using another email account?) I hate to do it, since I really only ever check that main one.

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