Keeping Your Parents Up To Date!

I just finished my first week of school. ¬†I LOVE my classroom, but I am super excited that it is a 3 day weekend this weekend. ¬†Gives me a chance to catch up with my giant to do list. First on my list is to sleep late ūüôā ¬†I love teaching, ¬†but I also love being able to share with my parents what is going on in the classroom. ¬†There are a ton of website building tools out there, but I find that I have had the best luck with

I try to update our blog at least once a month.  The Keller Busy Bees is a place for parents to land and see what is going on.  I have also embedded a google calendar so it is up to date with classroom and school information.  I also plan to use Remind101 for my classroom and Destination ImagiNation team this year.  I have also added some tutorial videos on creating different pieces to a blog.

How do you keep your parents informed of what is going on in the classroom?



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