September Goodies! International Dot Day and EdCampDallas

With August wrapped up (along with a crazy summer!) September has started with a bang!  Besides all of the back to school craziness I also have 2 very fun events to look forward too!

September 15th is International Dot Day.  I am currently working with our art teacher to have an event to celebrate that day!  Super excited about all of the “marks” we are going to make.  I am even more excited about the DEN Livestream that DEN is going to do!  There are over a quarter of a million people signed up for this year!  Make sure to check out all of their resources.

Mark your calendars for September 29th!  There are a ton of great opportunities out there for continued learning.  Attending an EdCamp is no different.  EdCampDallas is just around the corner and it is not to late to sign up for this free professional development!

What is Edcamp?
Edcamps are composed of educators, administrators & staff members who share a vested interest in growing professionally. Unlike other conferences, edcamps are considered to be an unconference because it does not include a key note speaker and the cost of attending is free. If you want to share your ideas, sign up to speak. You want to hear the ideas of others being shared, sign up to attend a session.

At EdCampDallas there are already a ton of great sponsors!

Are you celebrating Dot Day this year?  How do you continue professional development through the year?


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