The DEN Open House Series

As you begin another school year can you think of at least 1 educator who would be a great addition to the DEN Community? Someone who is eager to learn and willing to share their knowledge with others. Beginning next month the DEN is hosting a series of virtual Open House events for educators to attend to learn ABOUT the community FROM the community. Each open house will feature members of the DEN in an informal, conversational setting. All you need to do is identify at least 1 educator and attend an open house together.

If you can’t attend live they will be posted to DE’s YouTube channel. Why stop at just 1 educator though? We will be giving out PDA’s (Public Displays of Appreciation) to STARs who invite new members to the community.

Here are the details:

Thursday, September 13th @ 7 p.m. EST (Featuring Linda Rush, Heather Hurley and Mary Carole Strother)

Thursday, October 4th @7 p.m. EST (STAR lineup coming soon)

Each open house will be broadcast from our Google + page:

Click HERE to register to attend a DEN Open House with a friend. See you online!

Featured STARs:

Linda Rush: Linda has many years of teaching experience working with special needs children in public, private, hospital and university settings. For the last twelve years, Linda has been at the Notre Dame Special School of Dallas teaching technology and computer skills to cognitive disabled children.  Integrating web 2.0 ideas, movie making and digital storytelling has been her passion. She is a SMART exemplary educator / certified trainer and a DEN Guru. For the past six years Linda has been on the Texas Leadership Council and has attended all the DEN summer institutes.

Heather Hurley:  Heather Hurley has been in education for 21 years. She is an instructional Technology Coordinator in Arlington, VA.  She supports and trains teachers at two elementary schools, Arlington Traditional School and Glebe Elementary School. In her free time she loves taking pictures and attending wine festivals.

Mary Carole Strother: Mary Carole is a Library Media Specialist at Finch Elementary in McKinney, TX. She been a member of the DEN for 6 years, serving on the Texas Leadership Council and has been an active member of the Events team. This year Mary Carole wanted to be a Rising STAR mentor to share all the things she loves about be a part of the DEN.





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