What’s Your Advice for Going Beyond the Textbook?

There was a great article today on eSchool News about Albuquerque Public Schools’ transition from textbooks to the Discovery Education TECHBOOK.  Definitely worth a read – Albuquerque schools embrace ‘techbooks’ instead of textbooks.

The article talked about some of the many benefits of this digital transition and also provided perspective from some educators about the challenges associated with this shift.  One of the many benefits I have in supporting our DEN Community and being married to a classroom teacher who uses our Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK is that I get to see firsthand the creative ways teachers turn challenges into incredible learning opportunities.  With so many teachers starting the new school year using the Discovery Education Science TECHBOOK and since sharing strategies, ideas, best practices and advice is what the DEN is all about, I’d love to hear what advice you have for other educators who are making this shift a reality.

So, start the new school year by paying it forward and leave a comment that could help a fellow educator.  Or, send me a tweet @lrougeux.  Also, you should explore the collection of thoughtful posts from our Beyond the Textbook Forum last spring.


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  1. Shelly Harrington said:

    If the students learn with it, we will figure out the challenges along the way. There’s always an opportunity cost, but the advantages outweigh our concerns, I believe

  2. D Miller said:

    As educators, I think it is important for us to be mindful that it is not just about the technology but how it is used. My head is spinning with all of the available resources yet I often feel as if they are just a half a step from being exactly what I need. Not being a \digital native\ myself, I struggle with just navigating the technology let alone finding ways to use it effectively in the class room. I’m hoping it becomes more intuitive as I learn more and have to try and integrate the pieces that work for me and not just what the \techies\ say I should be using.

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