Technology Doesn’t Teach, Teachers Teach

Discovery Education CEO Bill Goodwyn has an excellent piece in the Huffington Post that is a must read.  Bill’s comments as students and teachers across the country head back to school are spot on.  Bill discusses the changing landscape of education and the potential impact the use of technology has in the classroom but notes one very important thing, “the motherboard and the memory chip will never replace the passion and inspiration of a real-life teacher.”    Bill mentions the importance technology and the impact it can have in the classroom, confirmed in the article by data from several districts, but makes it clear that “no matter how far we evolve from the little red schoolhouse, we cannot afford to sacrifice the foundation of education that is built upon the unique relationship between teacher and student.”  Teachers must be a part of the change and professional development is critical.  Take the time to read this article, it’s excellent.

Read the full article here.





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