Tips for the First Few Weeks

Our Back to School Promotion with our friends at PhotoPeach is still going on!  You can still submit your tips and pick up your free PhotoPeach Premium subscription.  We’ve alrleady shared the tips from the first two categories here and here and now it’s time for the tips related to the first few weeks of school.  We’re calling these the “Settling In” tips because they can help you get settled in as the school year starts.

Read the all of these tips here.




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  1. Sally said:

    I love to have a loop running on back-to-school night of a PowerPoint Photo album the students create. We have a photo of each student (they can help take the photos of each other). We then easily create a photo album using Insert>Photo Album on PowerPoint. If you choose ‘one photo with text’ as the layout, the text box is all ready for text students or teachers/friends can enter about what they like about school, their favorite subject, etc. This tool is easy an useful in so many ways.

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