Beep Beep , Beep Beep …

The car songs ran through my head … G.T.O., Mercury Blues, Little Deuce Coupe, We’ll have fun fun fun, Hot Rod Lincoln… 

Discovery Education and the Velocity Channel had come to the Dallas Mecum Auto Auction.  I was  walking with a group of excited students through rows and rows of cars- muscle cars, classic cars, even a couple of race cars during the Mecam Challenge.   We heard from Dana Mecum,  toured Velocity’s mobile production center –AND learned some car and auction facts during the scavenger hunt, like:

  • The COPO on the ’69 Camaro stands for Central Office Production Order
  • The SS on a Chevrolet stands for Super Sport (and the RS is Rally Sport)
  • The difference bewtween a hardtop and a sedan is whether or not there is a post separating the side windows (hardtops have no post)
  • Over 1000 cars will cross the auction block during the Dallas event
  • This is the 25th anniversary year for Mecum Auto Auctions

Camaro, Mercedes, Model, Corvette and so many more — at the end of the day, I well understood the student who declared his favorite car to be all of them. 

However, there was this sweet little 1965 Mustang Convertible, red paint job, white interior…. Ride, [Mustang] Sally, Ride ….


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