Do You Do Symbaloo Too?

On a cold, rainy day, I sat at my desk.  Trying to surf, using Google at best.

I sat there with Google, we sat there we two, and I thought how I wish I could surf easier too.

All my sites are in reach, yet so far away, it seems more like work, rather than play.

If only there was something,

some how, some way,

To make it all happen, surfing a new way.

If all I could do was to click, click, click.

I could  access my tabs Without feeling sick!

Late nights at DENSI, bring Symbaloo to bear, with Tracie and Jan taking time to share!

These mentors show this cool little tool, linking web locations into Symbaloo.

Now I am finding the Symbaloo rhythm,

Surfing here and there, in a new kind of prism!

Letting my thoughts and ideas have their fun.

All my web tools and resources, riding shotgun!

One click , two click, red click, blue click.

How many buttons do I see?

Symbaloo allows as many as I need!

I can access here or there, I can access anywhere!

I can use it at my home, I can use it where I roam!

I can access in my car … (if my cell does hotspot far!)

You will like this great web tool! You will like this or I’m a fool.

All my sites,  one click away!

No url’s to slow my day.

My Wacky Wednesdays are full of surprises-

No time for me to hit “Access Deny-ses.”

Creating seperate pages to do what I do, (with a little help from Thing 1 and Thing 2).

So if you have not considered this “Little Who”, take time to check out this crazy, easy tool.

A blog post for this? This speck on the “Web clover”?

A simple post like this might make you fall over!

If your head is scrambled by this little call,

Remember:  A Tool is a Tool, no matter how small!

Upon returning  from DENSI,  I was asked what had gone on there those days.

And Me and myself, did not know what to say…

Should I tell the blog followers what went on there that day?

I know it’s not big, but it is certainly cool… So what would you do if your friends asked YOU?

Well, We DEN STARS are certainly not Sneeches!

We always share ALL Our peaches!

So here is my post, and to all, I hope reaches!

Now YOU can be part of what DENSI all teaches!

You Can Do Symbaloo Too!  …And I am happy for you!

Check out symbalooEDU for your students and you!

Inspired by all the great lessons I’ve learned From Dr Seuss.

Special thanks to Tracie Belt, Jan Abernathy, and DENSI 2012, for making my web life so easy.


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  1. Daniela @SymbalooEDU said:

    You are making the team over here at SymbalooEDU blush! What a fantastic post, one of the most creative we have seen. Thank you so much for sharing the Symbaloo Love, we will be sure to post this on our blog.

    Team Symbaloo

  2. Leslie Reigel said:

    I went to that website you mentioned
    I went
    And what I saw there was cool
    I´m so glad you sent
    that note that you sent, I´m glad, yes I am
    and I would like to learn more so
    whenever you can
    I am letting you know that I want to learn more
    about this fast easy tool where my favorites I will store!

    OK, not nearly as great as yours…didn´t know you were also a poet a la Suess!!!

    Leslie Reigel

  3. Sara said:

    Way to go Peg…you’ve put your time in with Dr. Seuss. I think you should teach AP English Poetry next year. Sara

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