Matt’s Tips and Tricks 9-10-2012

This week we’ll explore the  new content surrounding the 2012 Presidential Campaign that has been added to Discovery Education.   Naturally, I wanted to see how we could extend this theme so I chose to evaluate three different sites that help you build infographics.  To bring it full circle – I show you how to take the infographic and embed it back into a Discovery Education Writing Prompt.  Pretty cool right?

I also explore a very cool ipad app, Sock Puppets, to see how it can be used for content creation in a Social Studies classroom.  Don’t forget that I’m hosting a best of Matt’s Tips and Tricks webinar today from 3:30-4:30pm EST and again from 7-8pm EST.

 You can register for the Webinars here:

3:30pm The Best of Matt’s Tips and Tricks webinar

7pm The Best of Matt’s Tips and Tricks webinar

As always I hope that the tips and tricks below prove helpful and useful.  Have fun and please share with your friends and colleagues!

Here is a direct link to Matt’s Tips and Tricks:


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