The DEN Experience according to Eric

Good day everyone,

Let me say that I like this idea of a DEN Open House theme for our blog posts this week. So here is a bit about myself.

  • The first DEN event I attended

I joined the DEN after attending an Unitedstreaming train-the-trainers PD way back when it was just starting out. So that could be my first DEN event. But, I consider my first REAL DEN event was a fall Virtual Conference face-to-face event in West Bloomfield.  Being able to participate with in person sessions and watching/listening  to presenters online was quite the experience.

  • Your DEN ‘lightbulb’ moment, when the DEN first clicked for you

It was at around this time that a number of us got on board the start of the Michigan Leadership Council., spearheaded by Cindy Carson. It clicked for me that this DEN was such a wild way to continue to learn about innovated ways to teach and about integrating technology. Who said that I could only network with people from my district or county only? How about from people from all over the state and even the country?

  • A favorite memory/experience/event

There are so many. My first time presenting at one Virtual Conference, various DEN events at the MACUL Conference (our state’s ed tech conference), 2010 LC Summer Institute in Boston, meeting the national DEN staff for the first time in Philadelphia. A huge experience was being able to meet Capt’s. Jonathon, Andy, and Sig in Philadelphia.

  • Things that you’ve learned from being a part of the community?
  1. Web 2.0; the web is not just for surfing, it’s for collaborating too.
  2. Steve Dembo; it’s a great day if you learn of a new web tool/site/etc before he does.
  3. I cannot have too many Den LC polo shirts.
  4. The FINGER! Woot!
  5. The best recourse of the DEN? Its members.

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