The DEN Goes Viral

Isn’t it fun when you have an idea, but aren’t really sure what’s going to happen when you expand on it?  It might turn out to be something pretty awesome.  On the other hand, it might not.  We are going to try something we haven’t done before and see what happens.  We’re introducing a collaborative project, called “DEN Goes Viral,” that will no doubt be a work in progress.

Viral videos, like the “Did You Know” videos, can be very powerful when it comes to spreading a message or sharing information.  Why is this the case?  Can these types of videos be used in the classroom?  We’re going to take a closer look and see what we can find.  Intrigued?  We’ve put together an outline of 5 week project centered around the “Did You Know” videos that will included plenty of discussion, exploring, collaboration, and learning.  Many DEN Leadership Council members have already expressed interest in participating and we’ll be using several LC members as Team Leaders for the project.  Here’s our plan.

Week 1 – September 20th – Kick off interview with Scott McLeod, co-creator of the Did You Know videos.  On September 20th at 7 pm ET, you can join us as we hear from Scott about how these videos came to be and what’s happened since the first video was introduced.

Week 2 & 3 – Team Leaders will establish topics of discussion, interested participants will choose the topic(s) they’d like to join, and the discussion will continue via Edmodo.  During this time, curriculum connections will be discussed along with any other relevant information.

Week 4 – October 11th – Teams will begin gathering content for final product and determine who will put everything together for their own “Did You Know” video based on their topic.

Week 5 – October 18th – a final live event with Team Leaders and other team members discussing their project and sharing the final product.

If you’re interested in participating, we’d love to have you along for the ride.  Simply fill out the brief form below.