Discovery Educator Network= A PLN You Cannot Live Without!

This is Open House at the DEN and I cannot say enough about how much this powerful network has increased my professional learning network. The very first DE event I attended was in Memphis, TN over eight years ago. I was amazed at all of the resources that Discovery Education provided me with my position as an Instructional Technology Specialist. From the moment I signed up to become a STAR educator, I immediately became connected to other talented educators. Here are some of my highlights of my DEN experiences:

  1. Attending over 10 different Days of Discovery where I connected with other educators that were willing to share their expertise.
  2. Presenting at over five different Days of Discovery where I shared the ways I use Discovery Education with both teachers and students.
  3. Becoming part of the Connecticut Leadership Council for Discovery Education and collaborating with teachers and educational technology specialists throughout the state and other states as well.
  4. Watching webinars and learning new tools that I can share with teachers in my district.
  5. Presenting virtually through the Second Life DEN island to educators from around the world!
  6. Making connections with other classrooms to share activities virtually with our students.
  7. Reading DEN blogs and always learning at least one NEW thing each time I visit the blog.
  8. Increasing my connections on Twitter because of the DEN which results in additional resources I can share with my teachers.

I am honored to be a part of the best educational network a teacher could ever ask for! Thank you Discovery for all that you do for us!


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  1. Carolyn Stanley said:

    Yeah, Lynn! I have never tried the DEN Island in Second Life. In fact, I haven’t logged in there in over a year. Perhaps you can walk me through it someday. Hope to see you at an event someday soon. I can’t make DOD in Groton, but I’m betting it will be fun.
    10 different Days of Discovery – lucky you. I think I’ve been to at least 4.

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