Cache and Cookie’s Animal Alphabet Series: JKL

A continuation of Cache and Cookie’s Animal Alphabet Series!

Kindergarten through second grade teachers may engage their students through DE streaming’s 25 minute full video titled “Animal Alphabet.” This video cleverly uses the animal kingdom to teach students their alphabet. You can also use this video’s segments to engage students–one letter at a time.




















J-K-L Lesson Plan

1. Play segments J-L from the video Animal Alphabet on DE streaming.

2. Have students practice writing the letters J-L.

3. Lead the class in practicing these tongue twisters.


Jolly jackals jump joyfully!

Klutzy kangaroos kick knockouts!

Large lions lounging lazily!


Go around the classroom and have each student pick one tongue twister to perform for the class.

If you want to teach the letters of the alphabet using a different approach you should explore the option of using DE Science. It has an excellent glossary with videos and animations to supplement the definitions. The terms used in this potential lesson plan will be in reference to DE Science Elementary.

You can access these glossary terms by conducting a search with the service selected as “DE Science Elementary” and the media type selected as “Glossary Terms”.

A search for “joint” would bring up the following screen.

Explore the following terms with your students: joint, kilogram and liquid.

Pick the lesson plan that suits your classroom best. Check back next Friday for the continuation of our Animal Alphabet series.


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