Hanging with the Gurus

This week we had a fantastic conversation with our DEN Gurus via Google Hangout!  Since it was a part of Open House week, we spent some time sharing how each of them got started with the DEN and what they remembered about their experiences were with the community.  Since we have just wrapped up Connected Educator Month, we discussed a bit why it is so difficult to bring new members into the fold, and ideas for helping ease the process of joining.  Before wrapping up, we took a little time at the end to let each person share a bit about what they’re working on or has them excited right now,.

All in all, it was a grand discussion and I’d like to thank our guests!  A huge thanks to the DEN Gurus that were able to join us that night: Jen Wagner, Karen Ogen, Conni Mulligan, Rita MOrtenson, Tim Childers, Kathy Schrock, David Fisher, and Linda Rush.

Enjoy the show!


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