The DEN Makes You Special

It is a fact that there are some DEN Stars that are Gleeks. While the love for the show might come from the music or storyline, we feel the that same connection. If you have ever been at an in-person DEN event, you understand this quote from the first season. I realized in 2008 that being a part of the DEN made me special.

2008 was a big year for me and my career. There was the huge transition from teaching Language Arts to Technology Integration. Desperate to make a connection to other educators using technology I blogged, tweeted, signed up for classes, attended my first NECC, and took a chance by applying for the  DEN Summer Institute in Silver Spring. While all of this made a difference, the DENSI was the true kick start for me.

DEN events are amazing environments where teachers are doing these amazing projects, but are so friendly and approachable. For that week, I probably asked hundreds of questions trying to understand how to find grants, use Web 2.0, and create innovative projects. Being around DEN stars made me special. It made me brave enough to apply for and win grants. It made me strong enough to fail in the classroom and keep trying. It made me courageous enough to start sharing what I know with others.

2008 was the beginning, but that connection to amazing educators continues today. If you haven’t been to a DEN live event, make this a goal for the year. Day of Discovery, in-person Virtual Con event, or pre-conference day are just some of the choices, but are so worth the trip!



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