Make Your Mark

Several years ago when DENSI was in Boston, I was able to meet Peter Reynolds when we visited Fablevision. I did not realize how his wonderful book The Dot would impact my teaching.

The Dot is a wonderful book about how each person has something to offer if you believe in them. The first year after meeting Peter, I returned to my school and decided that I was going to lead an all school activity during International Dot Day. Our school, though quite beautiful, was very white. So after reading the book, our students created their own dots that adorned the very white and empty stairwell for the entire year. As the year progressed dots began to fall but the students realized that they were making their mark on our school.

The first year it was just a handful of classes but by the second year, we had two readings in the cafeteria and dot designing to accomodate so many children. It was such a powerful community building activity and once again new dots adorned this time two very white stairwells for the entire year. Each day as children exited the school bus, they could see their dot.

This year I am in a new school but I find that the magic of International Dot Day now International Dot Week still remains. I posted this to facebook on Friday after a wonderful day of reading The Dot to various classes.

It isn’t the day that matters as much as the message that each one of us is making a mark and making it matter.


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  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    Thanks for explaining this Dot Mystery!! I really felt out of the loop on the whole DOT issue — so glad i understand the background on it now! Great Post!

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