DEN Open House Recap


Last week, we celebrated DEN Open House.  We are very proud of the Discovery Educator Network and we have some incredible members.  One of our goal’s with DEN Open House was to share information about the DEN so those who don’t know much about it can learn more.  We, the DEN Team, can talk about how great we feel the community is, but when DEN members share their thoughts, it’s even more powerful.  It was certainly a successful week with plenty of webinars, interesting blog posts, and cool Google Hangouts.  If you missed anything, here’s a recap:

Podcasts, Webinars, and Hangouts:

Great blog posts from DEN Members:

It’s clear from the videos and especially the blog posts how passionate and brilliant members of our community are.  They’ve expressed how important the DEN is and how it has helped them become a better teacher.  If you’re not involved in the DEN Community, you should be.




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