Fall VirtCon LIVE: Keynotes announced!

We’re almost one month out from the Fall VirtCon LIVE and things are really ramping up now!  We now have more than 20 F2F events for you to attend in person, or as always you can attend from the privacy of your own home.  There are just three days until we close the Call for Proposals, so if you would like to present at the Fall VirtCon LIVE, get those sessions in ASAP!  But the big news is that we can finally announce our three keynote presenters.

We will be opening the day with Richard Byrne of Free Tech 4 Teachers fame.  He’ll be presenting, 10 Common Challenges We All Face.  If you’ve ever seen Richard present, you know he’s a perfect way to kick off the day and always has an incredible amount to share.

Our midday keynote will be Dan Rothstein, the co-author of Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions.  Daniel is a graduate of Harvard College with a doctorate from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and was a Fulbright Scholar and National Academy of Education Spencer Fellow.  He will be demonstrating how the deceptively simple Question Formulation Technique can be integrated into any classroom.  As an added bonus, if you’re interested in reading the book you can get 20% off by using code MJAW12 when you place your oder online or at 1-888-437-1437 (expires 12/1/12).

Finally, we will be closing our day with the DEN’s very own, Dennis Grice who will be presenting Finding Your Spark.  In addition to being a K-8 Technology Teacher, Dennis is a DEN STAR, Leadership Council member, and the creative force behind classic Discovery Ed videos such as The Rock Dating Game, Leave it to Wheezer and The DENgo Games.  See below for full descriptions of each keynote.

There’s still time to submit a proposal to present at the Fall VirtCon LIVE, or to host your own Face 2 Face event!  For more information, including the full list of F2F events, visit http://virtconlive.com

Get those costumes ready, Tech or Treat is coming!

Richard Byrne 10 Common Challenges We All Face
Regardless of the content we teach and the age of our students, there are challenges that are common to all of us. In this upbeat presentation I outline those challenges and share the best resources and strategies for tackling them. Some of challenges I’ll tackle in this presentation include building relationships with stakeholders, Internet filtering policies, and creating engaging projects for all learners.

Daniel Rothstein The Simplest and Most Powerful Learning Technology: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions

The skill of question formulation is a foundational skill that makes all learning possible across all disciplines, levels and ages. Educators have long understood the importance of questions and receive some training in how to craft questions to stimulate student thinking. But, how do we teach this sophisticated skill to our students?

Dan Rothstein, who has twenty years of experience developing what are nationally recognized as the most effective ways for teaching the skill of question formulation and is the Co-Author of Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions (Harvard Education Press: 2011), will lead an interactive keynote webinar that will give you an experience in the deceptively simple Question Formulation Technique™ (QFT™). Educators around the world who are using the QFT often report about their transformed classrooms where students learn to produce their own questions, improve their questions and strategize on how to use them. As students begin to use the QFT, they become more engaged, take greater ownership of their learning and actually learn more.

Dan will demonstrate how the QFT can be easily integrated into the on-going work in any classroom. He will also discuss the small, but significant change in practice the QFT requires of you and your students. You will be able to immediately use the QFT in your classroom. Your students will get more excited about learning and you’ll get to enjoy watching their excitement

Dennis Grice Finding Your Spark
William Butler Yeats said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” A good teacher can be the spark that lights a fire in their students. Learn about technology and web tools and discover how find that spark and fan it into a fire that can spread to your students and your fellow teachers.


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