Randomness: Happy Birthday :)

I imagine that we are all guilty of using the 🙂  a little too much in emails and texts, but today let’s let the <3 for the 🙂 run free.

On September 19th 1982, at 11:44 am, a computer scientist, at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, by the name Scott Fahlman became the father of 🙂 How did it all begin you ask? Well Fahlman shared that “Sometimes during a discussion, someone would take a comment more seriously than it was meant and get bent out of shape. So I suggested the character sequence 🙂 as a joke marker.” So it actually began not because two friends were having fun at the keyboard, but rather a way for a bunch of computer scientists posting to bulletin boards not to take things so seriously. (remember the days of getting our ‘pagers’ to spell words to each other?!?) Forward 30 years and even Wikipedia features a page about emoticons. Who new the 🙂 would evolve for other such emoticons such as //0-0\\ John Lennon and :-& tongue tied.  Did you know there are “Eastern” ones that don’t require a head tilt such as (=_=) tired and (-_-)zzz sleeping?

So what’s your favorite emoticon?  Is there a emoticon you’d like to dedicate to someone in honor of its’ birthday?

This post brought to you from inspiration found in Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine.  (Yes, I spend too much time on planes.  You’d be surprised how entertaining those magazines are!)

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