Cache and Cookie’s Animal Alphabet Series: MNO

A continuation of Cache and Cookie’s Animal Alphabet Series!

Kindergarten through second grade teachers may engage their students through DE streaming’s 25 minute full video titled “Animal Alphabet.” This video cleverly uses the animal kingdom to teach students their alphabet. You can also use this video’s segments to engage students–one letter at a time.





















M-N-O Lesson Plan

1. Play segments M-O from the video Animal Alphabet on DE streaming.

2. Have students practice writing the letters M-O.

3. Guide students in completing a puzzle of their choosing from the Meerkat Manor site.


  • Discovery’s Animal Planet had a very popular show in relation to our letter M.  Meerkat Manor had an excellent run from 2005 to 2008. The show follows the lives of several Meerkat families.   Your students can complete Meerkat online jigsaw puzzles at Animal Planet’s site:

  • Discovery Education also offers Puzzlemaker, a free tool for teachers to create word searches, criss-cross puzzles, double puzzles, fallen phrases, math squares, mazes, letter tiles, cryptograms, number blocks and hidden messages.  Puzzlemaker is also available for sale with extra features.
































4.  Assign a word search as a take home assignment to close out the lesson plan. You can use words such as: meerkat, mouse, monkey, nightcrawler, newt, nighthawk, orangutan, owl and otter.




















Have fun with the lesson plan and change, tweak and adjust it to your classroom as you see fit. Check back next Friday for a continuation of our Animal Alphabet series!


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