Fall Is In The Air!

Fall! What a beautiful time of the year. The first snowfall, the changing of the leaves and wait….do you hear that? Is it the leaves changing color or maybe the animals getting ready for winter? No, that is the sound of Seasonal Science Stream. Join Discovery Education for our first Science Live Stream of the school year, a live broadcast on Air Pressure on September 26th, 2012 at 1pm ET. This live broadcast will feature hands-on activities to demonstrate the concept of air pressure and gas laws. Register at: http://sciencelivestreamsept2012.eventbrite.com

What a great time to also incorporate Techbook assets to view the changing color of leaves around the country and to explore why animals migrate and hibernate. Here are a few to get you started. Videos: Through the Seasons With Birds: Fall; The Fall of Freddie the Leaf; Autumn in the Northern Woods, Preparation for Winter and the Mating Season for Many Animals Images: Trees in Autumn; Fall Foliage: Alpine Slope Hands-On Activities: Nature Walk; Seasons in the Forest


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