Mousey Monday

Happy Mousey Monday! Did you know that schools with active Discovery Education licenses can create user accounts for students as well? Well you can!

There are two ways to create student user accounts:

Teacher-Created Student Accounts

1. Teachers can access the Classroom Manager from anywhere on the site by clicking on Classroom Manager.




2. Teachers can add students to an existing class or create a new class.

3. You can enter multiple new students at one time! If you want to add more than 5 students, select the “Add Row” button in the bottom left corner of the screen. When are you done, click the “Add New Students” button at the bottom right.

Create Students Using the Bulk Import Tool

Site and Account Administrators can create student user accounts for an entire school and/or district. If the administrators create the student roster, then teachers at that site will be able to pull students from this roster into their classes. This means that multiple teachers have access to the same student accounts.

1. The administrator would first select My Admin, then Bulk Import/Update Users under the User Management Tools. Select the Create Rosters tab.

2. Click on the Basic Student Template and save the .CSV file to your computer and open the file with Excel.

3. Fill out the spreadsheet accordingly. Please reference our excellent help article for tips on required fields and appropriate field entries to avoid errors in your Bulk Import.

The Bulk Import Tool allows administrators to add hundreds, even thousands, of user accounts at a time. The process is delicate and any steps not being followed will cause an error and a rejection of the entry with the error. If you have any questions or comments about student user accounts, the Bulk Import tool or anything else feel free to tweet us at @DESupportStars with hashtag #mouseymondays!


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