Integrating Adobe Youth Voices Essentials with the Common Core

As we get back into the groove of the school year, aligning lessons with the Common Core Standards can be intimidating.  Thankfully, programs like Adobe Youth Voices Essentials  already taken care of the hard part—and are providing educators with tools specifically designed for integrating their curriculum with the Common Core.

For those who aren’t familiar with Adobe Youth Voices Essentials, Essentials provides free curricula and tools for educators to inspire their students to create digital media on issues they care about.   The curriculum has been developed based on best practices and recommendations from educators around the world, and it strives to encourage youth expression and engagement while building 21st century skills.

New this year, the program is offering a Common Core Toolkit, complete with a variety of resources designed to assist teachers who are making the transition from a state-based standards curriculum to Common Core.  As you explore the Common Core Toolkit, you’ll see that the Common Core Standards and the Essentials curricula are designed similarly: both strive to create learning environments in which higher order thinking and doing is the norm.   In an effort to achieve this while helping educators plan their lessons with the end goal in mind, the integration tips are organized into three clear sections: robust inquiry, effective collaboration, and authentic assessment.

So if you haven’t already, register (for free) for Adobe Youth Voices Essentials today.  Then check out the Common Core Toolkit to learn more about how Essentials can not only empower your students, but fulfill Common Core as well.


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