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Projects are an excellent way for students to demonstrate learning.  They can also be introduced/framed with an essential question and provide for a variety of collateral learning as students dive into the curriculum.  Unfortunately projects can be a time hog if students aren’t given specific time limitations.  For that reason it is nice to design lessons where students must get their point across in a minute or less.

Why keep it short?

  • scripts are important as students research content and a script for 60 seconds or less can still be quite long
  • students must synthesize their learning to fit within a smaller time frame
  • we can compare it to real world applications when you have to grab your audience quickly and effectively such a an elevator pitch or a commercial — 60 second recap is also a great example
  • a short video or podcast can be completed in one to two class days
  • one class period is more than enough if a presentation is the end result

The paper slide video works well.  Readers can comment to share great examples of short project lessons.

Below is a sample video where students will download a Discovery Education video, then create a poem, rap, or song related to the content.  In this sample autotune and an original beat are used.  Students can disguise their voice with autotune in Garageband or Audacity.

Feel free to contact if you need help creating your own videos or want to collaborate with projects between schools.


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