Pack Up! We’re heading around the world with DEN Connects!

We’ll bundle up in parkas and  head to the northern pole and then make a splash with humpbacks!  We hope you are ready for an amazing journey around our globe as we explore habitats through a variety of activities.

DEN Connects is designed to connect you and your students with DE resources, each other, and new creation tools.

  • Involve your students and parents by having them complete “Digital Dives” exploring the topic of habitats by searching for DE resources on the student center.
  • Dive in and learn creative ways to integrate DE resources through  quick 20-minute weekly mini-lessons on topics such as habitats, adaptations, migration, and hibernation.
  • Connect yourself and your students to your peers around the globe through our Class-to-Class connections
  • Challenge yourself by taking on our Web 2.0 Tool-of-the-Month Blabberize.

You’ll even have the opportunity to join educators across the world in special LiveStreams from the Tundra and learn more about polar bears.

We understand you are busy, so we’ve created these activities so that you can decide what works best for your schedule.  Pick and choose which areas you wish to  participate. Don’t delay….. Join us today!!!

Learn more and register to participate at



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