Let’s ponder the meaning of denizen. A denizen is a resident or inhabitant of a particular place.  It ends up that being a DENizen here in the network is apropos considering that when we are looking for some new material to engage students we tend to inhabit the DEN looking for ideas or content we can use in our classroom.

There are so many resources in Discovery Education, ½ a billion actually, that even a search of denizen brings up several results.

from "Denizens of Dry Land"

The first resource, Denizens of Dry Land, is about the biomes of Mongolia.  In the first two minutes of viewing, many excellent vocabulary terms are used:  steppe, denizen, arid, contradiction, parched, fierce, bitter, plunge, nomadic, resilient, and domestic.  The material is equally good for Science, History, or English lesson.

The second search result is Discover magazine: Hidden Worlds.  The intricate inhabitants of dust!  There is even a quiz available in the results.  What an exciting way to learn about parasites, mites, epiphytes, and other micro-organisms concealed in dust.

Remember that you are a DENizen when looking for any type of content.




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