Randomness: Feeling Dinged Up?!?

I love to kick start PD sessions by asking the question “What were the first golf balls made from?”  Usually, people respond wood.  Actually, the first golf balls were made from leather sacks filled with goose feathers.  Took a few versions before they figured out wood might work best.  They began with smooth wood balls and noticed that each time they hit the ball it created a little divot/dent/dimple.  The more divots/dents/dimples the ball had, the farther and straighter it would soar.

So, who is feeling a little dinged up?  It’s not uncommon, at different times of the year ,for educators to begin to feel discouraged by new initiatives, programs, administration, parents, students, and a host of other things occurring in the school systems.  I think it’s important that we collectively view experiences as opportunities to learn how to soar farther and straighter.

Watch the first few minutes on the clip “Fore” found on Discovery Education to illustrate the principle and demonstrate the power digital media.  (Note: When I use this in my PD sessions I always stop the video at 1 min 4 sec)

This post brought to you by inspiration from Joe Magliato.


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