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Join Arkansas Discovery Education Leadership Council members Judy Pearson and Karen Wells for a day of learning and fun!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Floral Elementary School
3900 Floral Road
Floral, AR 72534

Lunch will be provided.

To celebrate the Discovery Educator Network’s (DEN) 10th Virtual Conference, DE made some exciting shifts to the event. For the first time, every session will be broadcast LIVE, so attendees will be able to see the presenters that are sharing, along with their presentations. They’ve also added more of… well, everything! More sessions, more Face 2 Face (F2F) events, and most of all, more opportunities for you to get involved!

The DEN Fall Virtual Conference is a free professional development event for educators to learn about the most effective ways to integrate digital media into their instructional practices. By attending an event in your area, you get that buzz that can only be experienced by attending with others face to face.

Cost: Free

Who can attend: Educators of all subjects and grade levels!

Date/Time: October 20th, 2012 8 a.m.-2 p. m.

8:00 a.m. Richard Byrne 10 Common Challenges We All Face

Regardless of the content we teach and the age of our students, there are challenges that are common to all of us. In this upbeat presentation, I outline those challenges and share the best resources and strategies for tackling them. Some of the challenges I’ll tackle in this presentation include building relationships with stakeholders, internet filtering policies, and creating engaging projects for all learners.

9:00 a.m.

•Tra-Digital Storytelling

•That’s a Keeper! Reeling in Top Resources

•Lessons from the Tundra: A Sense of Place and Purpose

•Great, But Lesser Known, Web 2.0 Tools

10:00 a.m.

•iStorytelling K-8

•Remixing Discovery

•Make a Penny Cry: Resource Building and Sharing

•Stretching Teaching, Expanding Minds

11:00 p. m. Lunch Provided

Dan Rothstein The Simplest and Most Powerful Learning Technology: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions

The skill of question formulation is a foundational skill that makes all learning possible across all disciplines, levels and ages. Educators have long understood the importance of questions and receive some training in how to craft questions to stimulate student thinking. But, how do we teach this sophisticated skill to our students?

12:00 p. m.

•Primary Digital Portfolios

•The Power of Platform Agnostic in the Classroom

•Ignite Student Learning: Technology and STEM Vocabulary Integration

•No Facebook or Twitter: Using social media concepts to teach the content

1:00 p. m.

•Accessibility and the iPad

•LEGO WeDo and Scratch
•Hi, I’m David and I’m an APPoholic!

Participants Will Leave With

-Deep exploration of the rich variety of digital content available within Discovery Education.

-Integration strategies and exemplar learning experiences to bring digital content alive in your classroom and engage students across the curriculum.

-Thorough exposure to a wealth of professional development resources including continuous support through the Discovery Educator Network.


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