Great Biology iBook and Games to Teach Osmosis!

This year Clayton County Public Schools, in partnership with researchers at UGA, launched a new case study platform and promoted the use of an awesome interactive Biology iBook. I, along with other science teachers got the chance to explore the new iBook and the case study on diffusion during the Clayton County Summer Institute. These tools are truly remarkable, and will revolutionize how I teach difficult concepts like diffusion and osmosis in my class.

The case study on osmosis uses a veterinary scenario in which students have to stop a cow from seizing, using their scientific knowledge. It demonstrates the way science is used in daily life, and is very interactive. Feedback is provided at every stage of the process, and students are guided, by the use of higher order thinking questions embedded in the case study, to correct conclusions. The interactive case study is visually stimulating, with wonderful graphics that allow students to see the inside of the calf’s brain, and how it is responding to the treatment plan prescribed by the student. Common Core Standards are addressed throughout the case study as students must read and write to complete the activities. Student written responses are logged in a digital log book for teacher review.

The UGA researchers have also made a game on osmosis, called “Osy Osmosis”, for iOS and Android tablets and phones, which is a nice introduction to osmosis as the students have to use the principles of osmosis to beat the game (

The iBook can be obtained from the iTunes Store. Follow this link to purchase.


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