Mousey Monday

Happy Mousey Monday from Cache and Cookies!  Mousey has received a lot of phone calls this week asking about deleting user accounts. Mousey would like to use this Mousey Monday to explain the answer to this question.

Discovery Education does not have a delete option on user accounts. The available option is called Archiving.  When an administrator archives a user, that user will no longer be able to access their user account.


There are three ways to archive users.  Administrators should first log into Discovery Education and select My Admin.


1.  Find the user and select the Archive option under the Action column.

2.  Search for a user and select the username link to go to a detailed breakdown of the user’s account. The tool box will list the Archive option here.

























3.  Using the Bulk Import tool you can do a mass Archive.  There will be an Archive Flag column on both the teacher and the student templates. The default in this required field is “N” and if you want to archive the user you would change that to “Y”.

If you archive an account it is not lost forever; you can always unarchive the account which makes the account active and accessible once again.  If you have any questions or comments about archiving please feel free to tweet us at @DESupportStars with hashtag #mouseymondays!  Hope everyone has a great week!



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