New England Day of Discovery!


Couldn't resist the chance to eat here. Didn't see Julia Roberts though.

I attended the New England Day of Discovery in Groton, Connecticut two weeks ago and it’s clear that the enthusiasm for Discovery Education services continues to grow and grow. Flying in on Friday, I attended the Family Night event that was held so that parents can gain first hand experience of how Discovery Education works in the classroom. This was the first time I have ever been at an event like this; I was used to teachers and principals attending these types of events and I was pleased to find that parents were just as curious and excited about what Discovery Education could offer to their children.

I helped Lance Rougeux with his interactive Science Techbook session and it was a joy to see parents marvel at how their children can access virtual labs and animations right on the computer. It was eye-opening to them that students could have such a powerful and thorough resource right on the computer. It was even more amazing to them that their children could access the Science Techbook at home anytime they wanted.

The next day was the Day of Discovery for teachers and administrators. Again, enthusiasm was high for this event and we had a great turnout. A lot of questions came my way, mostly regarding student accounts. Many teachers and administrators were not aware that students can also have their own accounts and were excited when I confirmed that they could create students accounts. The day went smoothly and teachers commented on how there was so much about Discovery Education that they didn’t know about and looked forward to returning to the classroom armed with everything that they have learned at the sessions.

This was a great experience for me and it was a joy to see so many enthusiastic and energetic parents, teachers, and administrators at the events!


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