What Does A 21st Century Classroom Look Like?

I am currently working with pre-service students attending Sterling College as well as facilitating the “Technology in the Classroom” course online.  In trying to explain what a 21st Century Classroom and Technology Integration should look like I wanted to show off the power of my PLN.  Therefore, I ask that my PLN members and blog post readers respond to this Voicethread. Besides defining a classroom environment, this project allows me to introduce them to PLN, social media, and Web 2.0 tools. 

In all, please take a minute or two and share your vision of what a 21st Century Classroom and Technology Integration looks like.  Thanks to all that contribute!




  1. Kerri said:

    It looks like co-constructing, purposeful conversations, inquiry and exploration. The students are the ones asking the questions, and technology often helps to find or share the answers. Students are doing these things independently because they have access to the tools and supports that allow them to do so.

    • Dean Mantz said:

      Thank you for providing a comment. Would you please add it to the Voicethread as it will be what my pre-service students view.

  2. Vickie Lamb said:

    Integrating technology means using a variety of technology naturally…as a tool to get something done (not as a new gadget). 21st Century Learning uses that tool (technology) to practice and master higher-level thinking skills that are mandated to succeed in society today. This means allowing students to think, problem solve, analyze, create, etc. to actually accomplish tasks.

    • Dean Mantz said:

      I am quite grateful of you taking time and commenting. I hope you would consider adding it to the Voicethread as the web project will be shared with my on-campus and online college students. Thanks!

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