Questions Bigger Than Answers


I believe that the issues we face today regarding the economy, educating our youth, reducing poverty, developing the good health of our citizens and many others issues are complex. I also worry that many of us are looking for simple answers to complex realities.

I think our ability to stay engaged with tough questions and following them where they lead us, over time, will be important to us in bringing about needed and transformational change.

Ignorance: How It Drives Science by Stuart Firestein he asks: “Are we too enthralled with answers these days?  Are we afraid of questions, especially those that linger too long?  We seem to have come to a phase of civilization mark to by a voracious appetite for knowledge, in which the growth of information is exponential and, perhaps more important, its availability is easier and faster than ever.”

He goes on to state, “Questions are more relevant than answers. Questions are bigger than answers.  One good question can give rise to several layers of answers, can inspire decades-long searches for solutions, can generate whole new fields of inquiry, and can prompt changes in entrenched thinking.  Answers, on the other hand, often end the process.”


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