Tundra Connections from DE -starting week of October 22-26

Thanks to an email heads-up from Porter Palmer, I was able to view the live webcast from the Polar Bear’s International camp in the tundra. Two Discovery Educators, Karen Ogen and Tammy Einerson, were among the participants who hosted the webcast at 3:30 ET. They spoke of their awesome experiences so far which included sightings of the Northern Lights, tundra wildlife, and of course, polar bears. I assume that the webcast was recorded and will be available for viewing at a later time. Here is the link to the blog that the Communicator Leadership Camp is posting:

I also enjoyed hearing about how the participants are committed to taking a message from this experience back to their communities that everyone can make a difference, and how each and everyone of us needs to ramp up our commitment to conservation and elimination of waste. (I have to chuckle here; I did not have a double-meaning in mind when I wrote those last three words, but thinking about the participants comments on the compost able toilet they are using brought the other meaning to mind:)

I also wanted to include the link to Lance’s post from September 28 about “Tundra Connections – Live from the Tundra” -a series of virtual field trips from Discovery Education commencing the week of October 22-26, 2012. He includes many details and links to sign up for the various events.

I hope everyone’s school year is off to a good start and that Discovery Education is enriching both your and your students’ learning.




    • Carolyn Stanley said:

      I’m so happy you got your kids involved. Helping them to see they can make a difference right in their own community and school by actively conserving resources is also a great take away. I’ll look forward to reading more of your kids’ posts in the coming weeks!

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