Sound Booth on the Cheap

If you teach using laptops or other portable devices, chances are you have had students record something during class.  Keeping a “quiet on the set” atmosphere during these times is difficult.  What you need is a sound booth!
To create this budget sound booth you need an empty paper box, spray adhesive, egg crate foam, and hot glue.

Step one, carefully break the seal on the paper box so it opens flat.  Step two, cut egg crate foam to size for the inner area of the box.  Step three, in a well ventilated area, spray the adhesive to the interior of the box and the back of foam.  Line up and press the foam into place.  Step four, bring the sides in to create an angle, about 45 degrees.  Mark the corners, top and bottom where they overlap.  Step five, hot glue the top and bottom to hold the new angle.

Thank you to innovative fellow teacher, Andy Harrison.  He fashioned a much nicer sound booth which was the inspiration for a hands on professional development.

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