Red Bull Stratos Jump Live NOW!

Join Discovery today as they capture the live footage on Felix Baumgartner’s Jump from approximately 23 miles up.  Felix is going for the highest free fall as well as the fastest fall, planning to break the sound barrier!

Sunday October 14 at approximately 12:30 – 1 PM  The helium will reach an equilibrium with the thinned air at about 22 or 23 miles up. The balloon will STOP!   This is the time Felix will actually Jump!  He will free fall over 5 minutes before pulling his parachute.

Live Streaming Here   or on your television :  Discovery Channel

Facebook Here  Wish him well / congratulate / meet his team

Red Bull Stratos information here   This site has great information regarding the challenge, sponsors as well as a “Game” to predict where Felix will land!