S.O.S: Shake It Up Baby

Welcome to week 3 of our Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our new S.O.S series to provide help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum.

Shake It Up Baby
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Shake things up and explore more Discovery Education resources.  Do you realize that DE has hundreds of songs in every subject area and for every grade level?!? It’s hard to imagine a student today without a set of earbuds attached to their heads.  DE songs can help you reach these learners.  Through the repetition of listening to a song and creating movements, students will gain a strong grasp on concepts, while entertaining the minds of our kinesthetic. linguistic, and musical learners.

View the lyrics and listen to the song titled Shake: Solids, Liquids, and Gases.  As you listen try to imagine a few dance moves you would use to act out different sections of the song.

Go to tinyurl.com/lodgesample and select “Whole Song” from section 5 of the menu on the left to watch Lodge McCammon’s interpretation

From the DE search drop down, select the Media Type “Listen” and then “Song”  find a song that represents a concept you are learning.  Have groups of students students create dance moves to the song.

Have students vote on their favorite version of the dance and perform for your administrators or as a “flash mob” for the school during lunch. Watch this for inspiration!

You can take the challenge by:

  • Implementing this strategy and letting us know how it went by posting a comment below.
  • Using this strategies in your grade level planning discussions and/or professional development and reporting your events. (Remember we consider an event anytime 3 or more educators gather together… doesn’t have to be in a computer lab… could be sitting around the lunch table)
  • Photocopying the flier and distributing it in your colleague’s boxes and/or posting it to your own BulleDEN board.

For more information on how we are shining the light on digital integration through this weekly blog series click here.  So see other strategies in this series click here.


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