We’re Under A Lot Of Pressure At Discovery Education

Air pressure that is! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be safely vacuum-sealed? Or maybe how much does air weigh that is pushing on our bodies? Recently Patti Duncan, with Discovery Education, demonstrated these air pressure principles and more during a Live Stream event in Orange County, NC with a group of 7th grade students. Students and the Live Stream audience were put through the task of exploring air pressure through many different hands-on, animation, and video resources from the Discovery Education Science Techbook. If you are interested in challenging your students to blow up a balloon inside a plastic bottle, have a tug-of-war with a pair of plungers, pick up a rubber mat off of a chair without picking up the chair, crush a can without touching it, and more or maybe using the Science Techbook animations and videos to further develop student understanding of air pressure, then check out the Live Stream Air Pressure archive.


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