Cache and Cookie’s Animal Alphabet Series: STU

A continuation of Cache and Cookie’s Animal Alphabet Series!

Kindergarten through second grade teachers may engage their students through DE streaming’s 25 minute full video titled “Animal Alphabet.” This video cleverly uses the animal kingdom to teach students their alphabet. You can also use this video’s segments to engage students–one letter at a time.



















S-T-U Lesson Plan

1. Play segments S-U from the video Animal Alphabet on DE streaming.

2. Have students practice writing the letters S-U.

3. Explain the concept of endangered animals to the students.

4. Have students read the passage, Animals: All About… Sea Turtles, found in DE Science Techbook. The reading passage discusses how pollution, boating, fishing, ocean dredging and toxins from poisonous sea creatures are causing sea turtles to become ill.

5. Guide students to write a letter to your US Senators and Representatives in supportof the Endangered Species Act, a law that protects endangered species. In the letters, students should say why it is important to protect endangered animals. Students may choose to focus on a particular endangered species, such as sea turtles, or speak in general about the topic.


Teachers will need to research their particular state’s representative and senator names. This information may be found online or by calling your local library to find out. We suggest sending the letters as a class in bulk to save you some postage! The general address formats are as follows:


To a Representative:

The Honorable _________

US House of Representatives

Washington, DC 20515


To a Senator:

The Honorable _________

US Senate

Washington, DC 20510


The world’s problem with endangered species will not be solved over night, but the letters will make the students feel that they are actively trying to make an impact. Please keep us updated with your results. We would love to know if your students hear back from any US Representatives or Senators so tweet us @DESupportStars.

Check back next Friday for a continuation of our Animal Alphabet series!


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