Teaching Questioning Skills: continuing the VirtCon conversation

There is no doubt in this librarian – technologist’s mind that asking good questions is a skill needed by students – and adults for that matter.  One of the first keys in good research — a particular interest area for librarians — is, as the Big 6(http://big6.com/) puts it, Task Definition with the person needing to  1 Define the information problem  2 Identify information needed.  Questioning skills play into both of these areas. 

Dan Rothstein’s (http://rightquestion.org/) excellent DEN Virtcon keynote session (https://new.livestream.com/DEN/rightquestion) focused on how to teach students  to ask good questions, encouraging them to be more engaged in the learning process (http://rightquestion.org/join-educators-network/). 

Within the group, some questions of our own were raised by the educators watching the session.  Some of them are listed below:

  • “What if the students ask questions that are outside of their learning standards? This is difficult bc teachers are being held accountable for state test scores”  Also, how do pacing guides affect this?
  • “Do we allow enough time for questions?”
  • “Is the environment allowing question making?”
  • “How can technology facilitate students asking questions?”
  • What factors inhibit students in asking questions?
  • How can teachers overcome these inhibitions and how can teachers model good question techniques?

Let’s continue this excellent conversation in the comments section for this post or via Twitter hashtag #VirtConQuestioning 




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