WI Day of Discovery Recap

On Saturday, October 20th, well over 60 educators from around the state traveled to Neenah, WI to participate in a Day of Discovery. Whitney Mihoulides created a day packed full of live sessions while tapping into the DEN Fall Virtual conference for virtual session options. WI Educators found a wealth of information from DEN presenters including Chad Lehman, Cindy Lane, Rita Mortenson, Peg Hartwig, as well as Neenah’s own DEN STARS Julie Lennon & Kayla Schumacher.

Educators were offered 50 ways to integrate DE Streaming, using DE video and images within alternative assessments, using QR codes in school, developing Paper slide videos, and exploring digital storytelling. Tech or Treat virtual sessions included  Connecting Students Through the Common Core with Keith Schroeder  &  Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions with Dan Rothstein.

Of course, the day was a huge success due to the behind the scenes work of Diane Doersch, Technology Director for Neenah, and her district Tech team.  There was plenty of streaming access for all, and tech issues were quickly addressed, creating a seamless transition between presenters.  Thanks Diane! Your anticipation of the day’s needs paid off with a smooth, successful conference!

Although the day began with only a handful of educators knowing the benefits of DEN STAR Status and the Power of the DEN Community, all educators departed feeling a sense of community and support, knowing the friendly DEN members from around the state were willing to help out any time and the national DEN community will help through Blogs and webinars.  Stay connected easily by signing up for DEN Blog FeedBlitz, reading the new posts every morning with your cup of coffee. 

WI DEN is Growing! We are excited to see so many educators ready to network with each other throughout the year.

WI LC has more events in the queue!  We will be there and Hope YOU will be, too! 


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  1. Lisa Sorlie said:

    I loved the training! QR Codes…who knew about their diversity in applications?

    Question for attendees: An attendee shared that she used a genetics simulation where bunnies reproduced. I can’t seem to find it. Can you direct me, please?

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